Public Installation

February, 18 2018

hot hands

A public hand warmer to heat up your hands during those cold winter days walking through the city. And to meet some new people in the process. Concept for bigger idea “HOT GUY”

Hot Hands final picture 2-1230900.jpg


Hot hands gives people a chance to warm up their hands in a minute. While also being in contact with other people. A small, fun and functional city object. Brightening up people in those colder winter days

A concept on making city design more interactive and functional.

See actual design ‘Hot Guy’ below.

Hot Hands by George Barratt-Jones

Public Installation

coming winter 2020

hot guy

A human size heated statue that people can hug for some warmth in those cold winter days while walking through the city.

Hot Guy by George Barratt-Jones


Project is currently in development phase for winter of 2020.
The inspiration came from walking in the city center of Eindhoven in winter. Being cold and annoyed. Just wanting to heat up for a few minutes and be on with my journey.

The ‘Hot Guy’ will be an interactive statue heated by electrical heating tubes within it’s body.

People can go in for a hug and feel the heat through the body. Giving warmth from the heat and also giving ‘warmth’ from a hug.