Public Installation

February, 7 2018

Cyclo knitter

Imagine, its the midst of winter. You are cold and bored waiting for your train at the station. This pedal powered machine gets you warm by moving, you are making something while you wait, you are having fun and in the end you are left with a free scarf.



It was winter and I was waiting for my train at the station.
I thought: "How can I make this moment more enjoyable?"
How can I turn waiting into something productive?

I wanted to get them warm. Thus the exercise bike. And they should have fun and be rewarded. Creating the scarf.
Warmth for warmth.

I want to get people excited about making again. People want to do more nowadays. They are tired of social media and looking at their phones.

Its all about spreading joy and making those boring moments more fun.

Cyclo Knitter At the Station By George Barratt-Jones
At the Station outside Cyclo knitter By George Barratt-Jones